Dear parents!

I am glad to present you a new project ”Learning Arabic with mom, learning without help”
It consists of the following components:

  • Book for a child (212 pages)
  • Book for parents (36 pages)
  • Computer learning program (CD)
  • Colorful flashcards (116 pieces)
  • Colorful stickers (58 pieces)

All this will help your children to learn the bases of the Arabic language, if they study it at home together with You, parents.

This book was developed specially for children. All the materials are made up in such a way that a child will be able to do some exercises without parents’ help after a few co-educational lessons with them. Entertaining exercises, coloring pictures, colorful flashcards and stickers will turn the lessons into a fascinating game.

Курс Арабского Литературного языка начальный уровень (фусха)

Game exercises will allow children to have a correct pronunciation and a beautiful handwriting. Colorful flashcards will help children to memorize the visual images of the Arabic words. If your child is getting tired, you can change the activity and explore interesting geographical facts about Arab countries or solve an ancient Arab puzzle or find on the map a city which your child read in Arabic. All these activities are available right here in the lesson.

Audio exercises were recorded from the native speakers. To run a program, just simply insert CD into a disk drive. Requirements to your computer are minimal. The program does not need installation; it runs directly from the CD. The program was developed in such a way that it is easy to use as for children as for seniors: You just need to choose the number of the lesson and the exercise.

In the book for parents you can find methodological recommendations for parents who will study Arabic together with their children and keys to all exercises. Before you start, read carefully recommendations from the book for parents and only then start doing exercises.

Parents learn Arabic together with their children!

The course book is recommended for people who have never studied Arabic before, so not only children, but anybody who wants to learn Arabic can use this book.


By the end of this course Your child will:

  • know the Arabic alphabet
  • write Arabic letters and words correctly (the Naskh script)
  • learn how to read voweled texts
  • learn more than 100 words
  • hear real Arabic speech
  • repeat after the announcer and read without help more than 1000 words and syllables
  • count to 10
  • know the culture and traditions of the Arabic countries
  • say some phrases of greetings and acquaintance in Arabic
  • be ready to further Arabic studies

Best regards, Alla Danilina